Our Story

A “Teenprenuer” who loved dabbling in the art of Skin Care. I enjoy making beauty products entirely organically at home during my free time since I was 15 years. My first order was from my aunt which then led me to create my own small start-up business to showcase my knowledge and creativity.

 I created my own brand name which lead to Soapstoris as I believe within every soap, product formulated there is a hidden story behind it. Be it in terms of creativity, ingredients, and the multiple research conducted.

Since I was small I had a passion to make my own skin and cosmetic products. My visit to Australia got me exposed to the handmade beauty industry, and it led me to take a soap-making class done by an Argentinian Soapmaker, Selina closer to my O/L.  Afterward, during Covid in 2020, I took the initiative to qualify myself as a formulator while I was studying for my A/Ls at Bishops College.

During my certificate course, I was one of the youngest graduates to have qualified thus I was awarded a scholarship to complete a diploma in Ayurvedic Beauty Product manufacturing.

I took inspiration from international soap makers like Anne Marie, Katie Carson, and Tamara Jane 

Furthermore, I was able to grab the attention of the local media including the national Tv channels and local print media as well as social media articles. I was also named the “Teenprenuer” since I started this business when I was 15.

This also led to international exposure as I was interviewed by an American-based podcast called the

” Teenprenuer Show” makes me the only Sri Lankan to be featured.

Meaning behind Soapstoris

The name “Soapstoris” was created with the idea that behind every bar of soap, a product made there is a unique story to it. Be it in terms of creativity, the research conducted as well as the ayurvedic ingredients used. 

If you noticed Soapstrois has not spelled the conventional way because I wanted to include a part of me into the pieces I create thus adding the first 3 letters of my name “ris” from Rishma into my brand name.

The 3 particles in my logo symbolize specific meanings 

Blue symbolizes – Water

Green Symbolizes – Earth / Greenery

Pale White Symbolizes – Air

Showcasing the natural ayurvedic ingredients that revolve around my formulations. Thus enhancing the Sri Lankan roots in the local as well as international market

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