Soapstoris curates products using a blend of SriLankan ayurvedic herbs & unique ingredients from around the globe. This is your chance to indulge in a Artisan Ayurvedic Skincare range that has been curated specifically for south asian skin types

// All Natural Soaps


This refers to the soap’s ability to grab on to oils. A soap molecule is a chain of carbon atoms. One end of the chain attracts water, the other end attracts oil.


Hydrating ingredients in skin care products attract water to the outermost layer of the skin, while moisturizing ingredients lubricate the skin to prevent water from escaping.


Essentially, nourishing means you get more than just hydration: you get nutrients, and your oil levels are being replenished. It will feel richer. Especially great for dry skin.

//Effective, Skincare made FUN!.

100% Organic

Skincare requires discipline & PERSISTENCE for effective RESULTS


No Chemicals

The beauty of natural skin care is that each product has a touch of thoughtfulness and uniqueness within its craftsmanship. since every ingredient has been individually handpicked to suit your skin type!



i got the acne bar from you when you were like 15, and it’s been like almost 5 years and i swear by your product embarassedembarassedembarassed

it has been working miracles on my skin, and the new acne soaps keep getting better every year!

i actually didn’t use the soap for a long time and i got so many pimples because of the mask, two months after using your muddy lake soap my face cleared upsmile


Thanks girl your soap made my face so clearembarassed

im so gladembarassed


hii aunty just wanted to give my feedback on the acne bar its worked really well for me all of my red spots have gotten cleared and my skin feels so clean thank you so much


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I’m only a product like a cake of soap, to be sold as well as possible.

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