Black Rose Deodorant

Use your fingers and scoop a sufficient amount of the deo and apply under your arms evenly


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Black Rose Deodorant

Ingredients –  Rose oil, Vitamin E, Arrowroot, Calamine, Natural Oils, and butter, EO


  • Reduce sweaty underarms
  • Keeps underarms fresh 
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy feeling

Rose Oil – Rose oil moisturizes the skin, which is especially vital to the delicate underarm area. Rose oil’s antiseptic and antibacterial compounds destroy bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce irritation of joints in the underarm area.

Arrow Root – The starch will help absorb some excess moisture you may experience as your body flushes out all of the toxins trapped inside.

Calamine – helps soothe irritated skin, allowing new skin cells to regenerate


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