To My Man


Directions to use – DO NOT soak your bar in water, make sure to keep away from water always. Wet your palms and gently rub on the top of the bar, run your hand one more time under the tap and lather the foam to get the necessary foam. A little bit goes a long way!


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To My Man

Ingredients – sea clay, charcoal, coconut oil, lye, bergamot, and sandalwood eo

Skin type – any skin type ( specifically for men)


  • Tightens skin 
  • Moisturizes and exfoliates the skin
  • Regenerate new skin cells
  • Reduces dirt and excess sebum

Sea clay – restores moisture soothing dry, rough, irritated skin. Sea mud is known to have anti-aging properties to tighten and tone skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and shrinking pores.

Charcoal – the gritty texture found within charcoal helps exfoliate the skin removing clogged pores. Thus promoting extra help to shrink pores.

Coconut oil – Provides moisturizing properties to the skin, preventing your skin from stripping away from the dry ingredients within the bar.



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